ALSTOM Foundation collaboration

alstom foundation

In November 2017, SocentLabo, GLOBART and Fundación Ingenieros de ICAI para el Desarrollo have been selected by ALSTOM foundation to be granted with a subvention in order to develop a sustainable mobility project in Morocco and Senegal.

The Project “SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND LABOUR INSERTION” basically seeks to achieve three objectives:

– Facilitate access to an ecological system of eco and sustainable mobility: electric bicycles; to which is coupled a trailer developed by SocentLabo

– Encouraging the employability of people at risk of exclusion from the labor market (mainly young people) thanks to the professional and administrative training and the incorporation into a social enterprise supported in the context of the project (now prototype under construction and start-up of an pilot project in Morocco).

– As the project contemplates the installation of a solar photovoltaic central solar, it is also predicted to facilitate the access to solar pumping thanks to the installed installation.