Collaborating with Bicicletas Sin Fronteras

In recent months we have launched together with Bicicletas Sin Fronteras the project «Bikes for Development» (Vélos pour le Développement) in order to support vulnerable groups in the town of Palmarin in Senegal.

The initiative seeks mainly to empower the local population through existing ventures that can see their income improved thanks to the promotion of the use of bicycles and later electric bicycles as a clean, sustainable and affordable means of transport for the local population of Palmarin.

Currently we are running the pilot phase where the first step consists of the development of several bicycle rental points in Palmarin to be able to evaluate its reception and transforming capacity in the coming months.

Bicicletas Sin Fronteras  has a consolidated presence in Senegal and the collaboration with SocentLabo will complement its activities linked to education and sustainable mobility.

Part of the actions implemented by SocentLabo in the framework of this collaboration, SocentLabo counts with the participation of GLOBART and the ICAI Foundation as well as the financial support of the ALSTOM Foundation.