We nest proposals, projects, ideas and initiatives with social character.

Social Entrepreneurship: we develop business projects with social value and economically sustainable.

For us, a social business is a business project with high social value that benefits a specific community and meets a real business logic. Sustainability must of course be social but also economic.

We carefully choose business projects incorporated into the incubator.

Belonging to the incubator does not have any cost.

Our goal is to help make reality business ideas.

We negotiate case by case with each one of the entrepreneurs the shares distribution in businesses creation as well as any commissions on funds raised in funding rounds.



We continually offer contents for final studies projects, PhD, Final Master projects, and volunteer projects, participating as mentors, supervisors or just providing technical support to the initiatives.

We promote and participate in training activities within our areas of interest:

  • Human Development and Humanitarian Aid,
  • Social Entrepreneurship,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Social Businesses management.

We provide support in international cooperation projects for and social projects.



Customer oriented dibuix0003CUSTOMER ORIENTED. Projects are born to satisfy customers. We identify them, we investigate and know their needs and expectations, we evaluate their satisfaction and develop the necessary reiterations to improve the value proposal.

Teamwork dibuixTEAMWORK. We work with who we need at all times, without any chart but with an active and socialized project management as well as with the individual commitment of all of us. Working groups are formed according to the needs, we share and we help by sharing knowledge.

Resource managemant dibuixRESOURCE MANAGEMENT. We use what is needed at each stage. We only allocate resources to actions that add value. We discard anything that is not adding or is not working.

Synergie dibuix0002SYNERGY. Together we can go far. The network allows mutual help.

SUSTAINABLE PROJECTS. Each project is autonomous and independent. Initiatives are managed from the Business Incubator to optimize resources and efficiency. All the ideas are studied in order to determine if they are potentially profitable and socially responsible.

SOCIAL PURPOSE. Projects purpose is social and economic at the same time. Ethics is integrated into decision-making, by all and for all. We optimize the social impact of each business projects.

Global vision dibuixGLOBAL VISION. There is no geographical area. The World is the global stage.