Business Plan development of a socially responsible Company with an Integration vocation via symbiotic relationships between employers and employees.

This project studies the viability of a company to hire skilled workers in risk of social exclusion. Our aim is to bring together qualified employees and employers . The project is open to any recruitment possibilities provided when they are framed in a social setting and employees are  suitable to fill the positions. This service... Seguir leyendo →


Segunda vida para bicicletas, colaborando con Bokatas

Arrancamos el mes de marzo con nuevas colaboraciones. En este caso con la ONG Bokatas.  Bokatas trabaja cada día por hacer visible una realidad invisible para una gran parte de la sociedad.   SocentLabo facilita bicicletas usadas para que Bokatas pueda usarlas en sus actividades y para sus beneficiarios. Si nos queréis ayudar en esta colaboración o... Seguir leyendo →

RSC con bicis

Bici con Alas y SocentLabo lanzan un proyecto conjunto de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa para dar una segunda vida a las bicicletas en desuso. Se proponen:   - una recogida selectiva de bicicletas y - una entrega selectiva de bicicletas.     Las solicitudes de donación de bicicletas en desuso se enviarán a través de un... Seguir leyendo →

Crowdfunding: Mosquitos project

Mosquitos Accompaniment for people in street situation through volunteer routes in the city of Madrid. We promote sustainable mobility with electric bicycles and products designed specifically for our work.   The Mosquitos initiative, collected by Apumak in collaboration with Socentlabo, consists in the creation of a support network for people living on the street.  ... Seguir leyendo →

Designing products R + D + i

In collaboration with the ESNE school, we are working on changes and improvements in bicycle helmets. It is expected to disclose results in the month of June 2018. Last week we began to analyze the first samples that have generated a lot of expectation among the students who participate in this project.


At the beginning of February we began to receive the first bicycles we are going to test to assess their adaptation to our needs in the field and see how they complement each other properly with our trailer. We are doing a series of tests and adjustments to perfectly fit the expectations of our beneficiaries.... Seguir leyendo →


SocentLabo and BeHappy join together in order to launch a new project. Our goal is to HELP the authorities and families to act REACTIVELY during the FIRST 48 HOURS when someone disappears. We are developing a MOBILE and SOCIAL platform that acts in REAL TIME as a reliable UNIVERSAL source of information to help in the search for... Seguir leyendo →

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