SocentLabo was born out of the illusion of two friends with parallel career paths that converge in promoting human development and international cooperation, business ethics and talent management. We need to give back to the society part of what has been given to us. We do it encouraging and supporting initiatives with social content. We want to support the talent generating growth opportunities.

We are sensitive to the society in which we live and we intend to develop our business with the ultimate aim of improving it. Therefore we need to be in full contact with the social partners, sharing knowledge with government agencies, universities, NGOs and any group able to provide and share knowledge. Any collaboration is welcome. Contact with social groups and organizations helps us to detect some of the projects likely to bring social value. All initiatives have common elements: its social, ethical and responsible management, entrepreneurship and innovation. Even if they belong to completely different sectors, initiatives are based on the same values. Synergies that naturally represent a significant resource savings are established.

Our organization is a non-profit, seeking to create social businesses that will no longer be accompanied once they are autonomous and sustainable. Initiatives are incubated the time they need, they fly when they are able to do so. As we help, we also like to be helped.

We let ourselves be infected by the challenging ideas brought by entrepreneurs and we let ourselves to be accompanied by people attracted by our projects. All organizations aligned with our values have a place in our projectsWe are the ideal companion for projects partners such as internship projects, volunteering, PhD or academic investigations. We also incubate others projects putting our infrastructure at their service so they can develop their projects.
Once the right seeds are found, our work aims to create the right environment for good ideas being able to grow. Projects leaders decide which roads to take and tools needed to meet their goals. The multidisciplinary overview provides global support.

There are niche markets for social businesses. Consumers are increasingly aware of their influence when choosing a product or service. The current work environment is oriented to self-employment, cooperatives, micro -companies and any new form of business that does not involve large investments. Changing needs of today’s society, innovation, needs of vulnerable groups integration and constant changes environment generate opportunities that can be properly managed by social businesses.